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Opponents will tremble in fear as you easily take their chips and own the table. You might be wondering how are you going to do this when you just started playing? The answer is simple:

Mega-Poker.Net's Mega Hold'Em Strategy Guide

Poker has never been easier as this guide covers all the strategies you need to know to be a winning poker player. Over 50 pages complete with tons of poker knowledge and VIDEOS at the end of most chapters to provide you with the most in-depth poker coverage available. Don't settle for just reading... watch the videos and see everything in practice.

The Mega Hold'Em Strategy Guide Covers:

  • The Rules and Hand Rankings
  • Playing Styles & Starting Hand Requirements
  • Taking Advantage of Table Position
  • All the Betting Strategies and Tactics You Can Think Of
  • How to Analyze the Flop
  • How to Play All the Troubling Hands
  • Trapping Your Opponents and Forcing Them to Hand Over Their Chips
  • How to Own Long Multi-table Tournaments
  • BONUS: How to Manange Your Bankrol

All of this in an easy-to-read guide full of great images and videos so you can take your new skills straight to the table and proceed to crush your opponents until they beg for mercy.

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Mega-Poker.Net's Mega Texas Hold'Em Strategy Guide

Mega Hold'Em Strategy Guide

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Coaching now FREE
July 21, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
After months of hard coaching, writing, playing and working on various personal projects I have decided to make Coaching services free... Just message me on AIM: MegaPoker36 or MSN: and I'll answer your poker questions.
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Strategy Guide Released
April 19, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
Mega Poker Strategy Guide is now live and ready to be downloaded. I hope you guys enjoy it, I certainly had a GREAT time writing it and making all the videos and putting together the data for it.
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NEW - Mega-Poker.Net Toolbar - Take Mega-Poker with you!
March 19, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
I just spent some time developing a toolbar that will include all the great features and deals that Mega-Poker has to offer and now release it out to our loyal visitors. Mega-Poker IE/FireFox Toolbar -Matty Fresh
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Titan Poker Bonus
March 12, 2008
Posted by : MattyFresh
The blog has a lot of new stuff if you guys haven't checked that out. In addition to that we just got an exclusive Titan Poker bonux, 100% bonus for up to $500 dollars... Go to Titan Poker and signup with bonus code "megapoker" or just use this link Titan Poker
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Coaching Services Added!
February 13, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
We are now offering coaching services. Basically you get a chance to sit down with me in a java chat room and have a one-on-one coaching session to take your poker game to the next level... Check it out under the tips tab.
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Join the New Mailing List
February 04, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
The newsletter is now officially up and ready for readers. If you can't get enough of Mega-Poker's free strategy, recommendations and more then join the mailing list for exclusive offers and strategy that won't be posted on the site.
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Slow Play (Miscellaneous Strategy) Section Completed
January 30, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
The slow play segment of the miscellaneous tips section is complete and ready for readers. Enjoy guys! -The M
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Miscellaneous Strategy, Blog Additions
January 28, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
Some of the areas on the miscellaneous strategy page have been written and added. This adds more to an already mega supply of free poker strategy for you guys to learn how to play poker. I also launched my personal blog where I'll share poker strategy, rants and raves in a more informal, personable manner so make sure to check it often as I will often post strategies on there that aren't on the regular site.. Also, if you visit the site sign up for the forums and get to posting we at mega-poker want to grow the community up, we worked hard on the site and forum and want to see it grow. -The M
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Reviews & Betting Strategy Sections Added
January 08, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
All of the poker site reviews are complete and live. I also typed up the betting strategy section and it is pretty in-depth for free poker strategy. Check it out guys its great stuff, and if its not great enough for you the recommended resources will definitely fill the missing pieces. Thanks
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Starting Hand Requirements Page Added!
January 06, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
An extremely in-depth section on playing styles and starting hand requirements is now live. Check it out and start bettering your game now!
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Update: PokerStars Review, Book/Video Recommendations & More
January 02, 2008
Posted by : Matty Fresh
Today we added the PokerStars full-length review, books/video page and added a utility to the Online Software/Utilities page. The rules and glossary page is also complete. Check out this update, we added a ton of stuff towards finishing the main content of the site.
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Happy New Years From Mega-Poker.Net!
December 31, 2007
Posted by : Matty Fresh
Happy New Years from Mega-Poker.Net! I have been working all day to get a solid update out and I have finished the forum, Full Tilt Poker & Absolute Poker reviews. I hope they help out. Join up on the forum and get some discussions going.
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Grand Opening of Mega-Poker.Net
December 30, 2007
Posted by : MattyFresh
Mega-Poker.Net is pleased to announce the grand opening. In the following days, the rest of the site's content will be filled up and the site will be fully-functional for all visitors. We look forward to providing and endless stream of resources for poker players across the internet.
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Mega-Poker.Net Blog Feed

Hi guys! It’s been a while, I’ve been busy as heck promoting the guide and coaching, I haven’t even had time to play recently but things are starting to calm and down and I decided to drop the price of the Mega Guide to make sure it was a better value for my loyal viewers, so [...]

I’ve been busy as heck lately and haven’t played a lot of poker, but I’ve been teaching a lot of poker since the release of the Mega Hold’Em Strategy Guide (It’s getting very great feedback, thanks to everyone who’s picked it up and just ate up the strategy, to those of you that haven’t gotten [...]

digg_url = ''; After months of labor intensive crafting, researching and recording the strategy guide is finally here! Poker has never been easier for beginners to learn as they read, study and then watch all aspects of poker in practice. Make sure to pick up your copy Mega Hold’Em Strategy Guide -Matty

Haven’t written in a while so wanted to give you guys a quick update. I’ve been working my butt off on the poker strategy guide that will be released pretty soon. It’s going to be awesome for beginners and intermediate players looking for the strategy to take their game over the top. The guide will [...]

digg_url = ''; In the coming months, a compilation of the Mega-Poker.Net strategy sections and our Learn to Play Poker Video Series will be combined into a full-length Poker e-Book/Video Book with over an hour of poker strategy videos to reinforce and make the concepts in print easier to understand. There will be a variety of options [...]

digg_url = ''; I got a few e-mails from some loyal visitors that said that it would be cool if they had access to Mega-Poker news and access to important sections of the site regardless of what page they were visiting. So I got the idea to make a toolbar to install into IE or FireFox [...]

So my month or two long slump came to an end this week as I made two final tables and the last one completely dominated the entire tournament. I played a super tight game and waiting for opportunities to strike. I got at a table with a few donks showing down hands like J-6, K-4 [...]

Hey guys,  Just got back from two long days of poker that had me busting early and busting horribly to some awful bad beats… That’s the name of the game and I can handle it but it sucks to go on one of the slumps, I’ve heard about them but never experienced an all out long-term [...]

digg_url = ''; 2008 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama was an avid poker player. A common sight in the state of Illinois at low-stakes poker tables sometimes playing stud or draw poker.Obama on poker “It’s a fun way for people to relax and share stories and give each other a hard time over friendly competition.” He became [...]

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