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Usability: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (5/5)
Features: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (5/5)
Profit Increase: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (5/5)
Price: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (4/5)

Overall Rating: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (5/5)

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The software is extremely easy to use. Basically you just install it and use the main screen to launch the poker room that you play on. It also has easy usability for its Lobby Edge plugin which searches ring games to help you find the easiest cash tables to profit from.

Poker-Edge is packed with features. It auto-searches whichever tables you're playing on and displays in a separate window what the style of each player at the table is. The styles Poker-Edge uses is as follows: green fish, red fish, bomb, warning sign, mouse, shark, calling station and maniac. The software has an icon for each of these styles and places the corresponding icon to each player at the table. Hovering over this icon also displays mathematical data such as raise percentage and how many flops they see. In the look-up screen they also display players in either black, green or red depending on how loose or tight they are. For example, if you have a bold-red shark at your table and he bets you know you should get out of his/her way; this is information you'd never have without Poker-Edge.

Profit Increase
This software helped my game probably more than anything else in online poker. It was often difficult to keep track of reads while playing multiple tables, but this immediately helped me make difficult calls or folds by showing the exact playing style of the player I was involved in the pot with. I got into cash games and dominated them with ease, the only time I lost is when the poker room decided to reward the fish for their horrible play as this is a common theme of online poker. The first time I tried out poker edge I took $10 into a $0.10/$0.25 game and turned it into over $80 in about 30 minutes it was fantastic.

While Poker-Edge is rather pricey, with a monthly subscription fee starting at $10.00 a month it is absolutely worth every penny. It is extremely helpful and provides you with information that will save your butt from making a fold that would have otherwise been a devastating call or vice versa.

Overall, I believe Poker-Edge is essential to every online player's arsenal. If you take your online poker playing seriously then this is an investment you need to make. However, if you are an inexperienced player I believe you should read a few books and develop your playing style before relying on utilities such as this because even software that helps you read opponents won't make up for your shortcomings as a donkey.

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