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Titan Poker Review


Software/Interface: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (5/5)
Game Variety: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (4/5)
Ease of Deposit/Withdrawal: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (4/5)
Security/Stability: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star (5/5)
poker players: 1 Star1 Star1 Star (3/5)
Bad Beats*: 1 Star1 Star(2/5)
* - Guesstimate of bad beat frequency vs. other poker sites/live play. Less stars means more beats.

Overall Rating: 1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star(4/5)

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I am very impressed by Titan Poker's interface. The first time the lobby was fired up I was very impressed by the organization of the menus and filters to quickly and easily locate the game of choice. The lobby screen is top-notch and I haven't seen a lobby screen on any other site that I prefer more. The table view is decent, with a small choice of 3D semi-overhead avatars to represent yourself while playing. The table is decently designed, however I find the huge oversized cards quite comical but thats just a minor shortcoming.

Game Variety
Titan Poker has a huge array of games to play in. There are always a plethora of tournaments registering and going on. I found the buy-in to payout ratio to be about average maybe a little bit better than expected. Titan offers a lot of tournaments and has an above average satellite system to enable lower stakes poker players to win their way into larger tournaments.

The largest variety was in the ring games. Cash games start super cheap at $0.01/$0.05 and go all the way up to $300/$600 in some poker forms. I was very impressed with the large selection of cash game tables and the variety of limits. These games are perfect for poker players of any stake level.

Ease of Deposit/Withdrawal
Titan Poker offers the usual depositing methods to be expected of a poker site: Visa, Mastercard, NetTeller, etc... Withdrawing was fairly simple as they offer the usual methods here as well plus InstaDebit which was very convenient.

Titan Poker has no security flaws known and is very financially stable. Titan Poker is part of the iPoker network and is backed by the huge company PlayTech. I would play on Titan Poker without any thoughts of paranoia.

poker players
The typical super loose/loose with the occasional tight mix of poker players applies on Titan. They offer great bonuses for their new poker players so they are a constantly growing site that constantly fills tables with more fish and inexperienced poker players. Although these loose poker players are seeing 50/60% of the flops most poker players on Titan are very weak and passive poker players so it is easy for a decent poker player to make bank playing ring games on Titan Poker.

Bad Beats
The boards on Titan Poker were nothing different than any other poker site. There were a lot more ridiculous drawing boards for multiple poker players involved in the pot which you won't see as much live, but was present often on Titan Poker. The frequency of beats and action boards was about average with the other sites however the magnitude of the beats especially on the river was a lot worse than I've seen playing online poker. I witnessed quads losing to quads often, where one poker player would flop quads the other would either miss their set or flop a boat and it would run for them to give them better quads or they'd hit their 1 outter on the river. However, don't discount this poker site because its a great site and theres not a poker site you can go to that won't dish out tilting beats at a higher frequency than live games.

Titan Poker is a very impressive poker site. One important thing to note is they suspended serving customers living in the United States, so if you live in the US and want to play Titan you're unfortunately out of luck. If you are a non-US poker player I recommend this site as the top poker site for you

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